My name is Catherine. I am a 27 year old South African currently living in the UK. I’m a graduate electrical engineer working in the power sector. I like to go for long walks. I love to read and watch dramas, usually Korean or Japanese ones. I enjoy visiting aquariums and am currently setting up my own, smaller version, at home.

I started this site a few years back, for reasons I no longer recall. Either way after many different phases this is now just a random personal blog that I use as an outlet of my thoughts- I write about my everyday life, ramble on about the books I’ve read and share my adventures travelling and going on long, rambling walks in the UK as best as I can. Comments are off because I am shy but if you want to get in touch you can email me at catherine[at]honest-lies[dot]com.

The title of this website is entirely made up. The tagline for this website Ok, so I’m the dragon… comes from one of my favourite poems ‘litany where certain things are crossed out’ by Richard Siken. You can read the poem here or listen to it read by the author here.

Lastly, you can find me at the following sites: