Romany Creams
Ugly but delicious biscuits! These biscuits are called Romany Creams and they are wonderful: two fat chocolate+coconut biscuits sandwiched together with milk chocolate. It was my first time making them, so I was a bit nervous, but I succeeded! It took me over two hours to make them on Saturday and they’ll be gone in a week, if that, and in the end they aren’t exactly healthy. However I had great fun making these up and I can take some in to uni for a not-so-healthy snack to look forward to eating on the train. Romany Creams are the third of my Granny’s recipes I’ve used actually- thus another South African type thing. Mine taste almost exactly like my Granny’s biscuits too, which makes me think of home and makes how difficult (and messy!) it was to make them worth it. I’m not sure what to make next yet but I’m definitely enjoying recreating the tastes of my childhood. I think I have another of my Granny’s biscuit recipes- maybe they’ll be my next project! :D