I went home on the weekend. Well, on Friday night. Skipped the second part of my Friday afternoon lecture so I could get an early bus and not have to rush around. Of course I was still late and didn’t get the early bus, and the next bus came late so I ended up running to the train station with my anaemia and my heavy bags but I managed to print out my tickets and run down to the platform and get on my train. Felt like dying, and there was no place to sit, and I was frankly a little miserable but I was going home. My dad picked up from the train station and we went grocery shopping (where I went crazy getting my dad to buy all the things I wanted to eat XD) before heading home. I had been woken up at 6:20am on Friday morning because of a fire alarm so by the time I got home I was exhausted. And also cold because it was really warm last week here at uni, but of course it was freezing at home. And I did not bring nearly enough clothes, not even a coat D:

On Saturday I somehow ended up at Old Trafford, freezing cold and exhausted, to watch my sister zipwire across the stadium. Not even joking. I was miserable, but it was her birthday and she had fun so I can’t complain too much. It was my first time being there too, and it was pretty cool. Amazing how big it is. Afterwards headed home and just did some work, chilled out a bit. And then spent the majority of Sunday baking. Mixed up some cake for my sister because I can’t bake carrot cake to save my life, and made butter cream icing for the first time which was surprisingly good. We sang happy birthday to her, complete with lighting up candles for her to blow out, and then ate cake. Then it became a bit hectic as I had to pack and go back again. The journey was quite and didn’t involve quite so much rushing, thankfully.

It was a good weekend. I paid for the time off though as I had to stay up until 1am on Sunday finishing off coursework due Monday, and then on Monday spent the break between morning lectures and afternoon lectures polishing up said coursework, rushing to library to print it off and ended up handing in the coursework 5 minutes before the deadline D: But it was good to go home and to relax and to eat nice things and to see my cat.

Alas, I don’t know why but I’ve somehow ended up with a stupid cold. Most likely from being inappropriately dressed in cold weather at Old Trafford, which makes me feel like such a dumb manga heroine. You know those ones who get the flu from like getting caught in the slightest drizzle? Yeah.  I’ve been lying down for the past 6 hours watching OB GYN doctors on my laptop Its not a good drama, but its addictive as hell and its serving as a nice distraction. I feel like passing out. I’m dizzy and my head hurts and I generally feel quite sorry for myself. Coping with illness is not something I am good at. I should probably do my work now though so I can get into bed. I think I need an early night.