“Sometimes I think that ghosts are people who were unhappy in life,” I said. It wasn’t very scientific or very accurate, but it was an idea I’ve always had in the back of my head. I’d never really voiced it, since I couldn’t help but think of what it would mean for me once my time was up.

– Jordan Castillo Price, Criss Cross (PsyCop 2)

Instead of doing work this weekend I have been devouring books. Most of my time has gone towards the PsyCop series by this author- in the space of two days I read every single novella, short story and novel bar one. my bank balance cries, my work is neglected and I cannot say I regret it entirely. m/m fantasy is rare and I thought I’d never find it this well written and with such a great cast of characters. Vic is a wonderful protagonist- funny, insecure, bearing the weight of his past with quiet strength. Jacob feels a little distant as a character, although I am hopeful his secrets will be revealed in Camp Hell. The romance is a little sudden/rushed but sweet, and  thankfully it doesn’t take over from the main plot. And there is plot. And amazing world building. And although the books don’t shy away from darker subjects, it never gets over the top or ridiculously angsty, as I’m discovering m/m books can do.  I just enjoyed reading these so much and its taking me a lot to stop myself from snapping up the last book – camp hell – immediately. Highly recommended.

I’ve also been lucky enough to stumble upon another m/m fantasy series- the broken mirrors series by Vaughn R Demont. Thus far they aren’t quite as well written, but the world the author has created seems interesting, and thus far the books are funny. Very funny, without being fluffy. Am looking forward to getting through them.