Petronas Twin Towers
KLCC Suria and fountains in front of it
I did go into KL on Sunday as planned . It’s really cool how unlike in the UK where everything dies down on a Sunday, here in Malaysia there is no significance to Sunday and its as bustling as any other day. I arrived in KL in the late afternoon, bought myself an ice blended from juice works because I’m hopelessly addicted, then managed to escape the mall much more easily than I thought- I just had to head to the aquarium, then turn off before I ended up there. I emerged into bright light and stifling humidity, a stark change from the cool, air conditioned mall but thankfully I had my ice blended to keep me cool. I began walking with the little idea of where I was going, and again, in a stroke of luck found myself exactly where I wanted to be- standing by the lake that lies in front KLCC Suria, the Petronas towers looming overhead. I had a wander around the lake and took a bunch of pictures. I did venture a little ways into the park but although very green, very clean and altogether nice it was still just a park and my ice blended had melted and I was getting hot so I headed back into the mall, up and around and up the escalators towards the top floor and the massive kinokuniya bookstore there.

I had hoped to buy a Japanese hiking map there and even worked up the courage to inquire after it, but this only resulted in a very awkward encounter with the man who worked there who seemed slightly confused by my request, and in the end they did not have it anyway, or anything similar. I spent some more time after that, lingering, soaking in the atmosphere of a large bookstore- and oh, I love the Japanese section in kinokuniya. I looked at the language learning section which made it hit home just how terrible I am at Japanese even after all this time. Then I moved to ogle the pretty and unique selection of magazines and  catalogues- I really wanted to get this miffy catalogue which came with stickers and a tote as I’m a huge miffy fan and there are no miffy goods in the UK but alas, it was too expensive. I eventually found myself in the English Japanese learning section and spent an unfortunate time umming and ahhing over various phrase books and pocket dictionaries before settling on a couple that I can take along to Japan in the vain hope it will make some difference to not starving. (On that note- it is so annoying how so many travel guides and phrase books do not include kanji and kana, effectively making them useless within Japan. Like, I like knowing that is the bus stop to go to or food to try- but its hardly like I’m going to be able to search out the romaji,I need to play match the kanji!) After that I headed all the way back down and around and down to the ground floor- I will always remember leaning over the side and looking down whilst on the escalator going from the 4th floor to the 3rd, seeing all the elevators going up and down below me and all the people packed on them. These huge, expansive malls crammed with people and stores (so many designer, and high end at that. Man, the brand names here. It must be wonderful shopping here if you have money to spend) are nothing like you get in the UK. Although I’m an online shopper at heart, I do still find them very impressive. (The air conditioning helps, of course.)

My last stop was uniqlo which surprised me by how expensive it was.  I did manage to buy one t shirt, although it was not as cotton rich as I hoped it was a lovely color and the cheapest one I could find. I need a nice, loose mens t shirt for hiking in japan, you see. I only have one currently. So anyway, I left then, popping into mid valley on the way back to pick up a couple of things from daiso (the mid valley one is even more cramped and confusing than the sungei wang one. I did not know that was possible ) (and yes I know- kinokuniya, uniqlo, daiso…there was a definite theme to my shopping) Then came back to find power restored as it should which thank everything.

Since then I’ve spent a whole lot of time sleeping and lazing around and avoiding organizing my shit so I can pack it. I did make some attempts to sort through the mounds of paper I have lying around, but it got overwhelming and I stopped. I’m trying not to beat myself up over this. I do still have a few days left, after all.