“Someone seems to have painted my heart with repeated strokes and made a mistake”

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
View of Edinburgh from the castle
Misc pics of inside of Edinburgh Castle
Scottish Parliament
Palace of Holyrood House
Holyrood Abbey

From top to bottom: Edinburgh Castle, Scottish Parliament, Palace of Holyrood House, Holyrood Abbey

I’m again writing this on the train. It is really busy and noisy and I have the beginnings of a headache. I’m fairly sure the woman sitting next to me is reading this as I write, though I may be being paranoid.

My last day in Edinburgh was very nice although the bitterly cold weather, and the fact that it was my last day, put a slight damper on things.

I headed out to the castle first thing and got there just a little after it opens at 9am, except for some reason it was only going to open at 9:30am that day. So I stood and waited in the freezing cold – the temperature had plummeted even more, and the wind was beginning to pick up. Eventually we were allowed in and I entered eagerly and wondered up to the upper ward. Then, an alarm suddenly went off. We were ushered outside to a particular area by the staff, and so there was more waiting around, stood in the cold. After a little while we were given the clear to go exploring some more, and by this point the castle was busier, which was a shame – I had come early in the hope I’d have a little time where the castle wasn’t too busy. Nonetheless I spent the rest of the morning wondering around the castle. It was nice but a little disappointing – I think the expensive entrance fee had meant I’d gone in with too high expectations!

After the castle I walked down the Royal Mile to the Palace of Holyrood House. The Royal Mile consisted mostly of tourist shops selling anything tartan and/or woolen you could ever need. The palace itself was quite interesting. It was strange to think of anyone living there though – the place was cold, dark and slightly grim. The audio guide was also really disappointing – it kept ending by telling you to ask the staff for more information, why not have more information on the guide itself? The Abbey was lovely though – very beautiful and slightly haunting. The Queens Gallery was a bit disappointing – it was not my kind of art style and I regretted paying for it. I left the Palace and went back up the Royal Mile, looking for a museum that I’d randomly spotted on the way down, that had looked interesting. I did not find it on the way up, though I did find a nice shop that sold dairy free (for me) and non dairy free (for a relative) shortbread. I then decided to head back along the mile in search of that little museum, and found it, just a little way away from the palace i.e the end of the mile. Nice going, self. It was worth going to the effort though – the museum was the very small “The People’s Story.” Over three stories it had a variety of interesting displays on crime, punishment, work and play of the “ordinary people of Edinburgh.” It was fascinating to read about the dramatic changes over the last century especially. I had not seen this museum mentioned on any tourist sites and I was very glad I’d found it.

Afterwards I went back to the hotel – the wind had picked up and it was bitterly cold. I was tempted to stay in and order room service, but the room service menu was not appealing, so I rested a little, warmed up, and then dragged myself back out. I was glad I made the effort. I went to a korean restaurant. It was my first time eating Korean food since I went to Korea- back in 2012! The food was delicious and the service was really good – they gave me not one, but two freebies with my meal, brought me water when I didn’t ask, constantly asked if the food was good. Really attentive and nice. I really enjoyed it. I was in high spirits as I left the restaurant but… as I walked back it hit me that it was my last night and a lot of my fears and, my anxieties came to the surface… Have I just been running away? I’m still so worried about…things. I’m not looking forward to going back to university, I’m not looking forward to exam results, or that phone call telling me I didn’t pass the interview. I’m still exhausted and messed up.

So many things on my mind. Now I’m on the train, and soon I’m going to have to face them all.