marimoMeet my marimo! I posted about getting them here and then never followed it up. I had a bit of trouble getting hold of them actually – they were supposed to be delivered on the weekend, but amazon tracker told me they would only come the following Monday…when I was at work. After some panic they came on Saturday anyway, and on Sunday my father came round and brought me some more he had picked up thinking I wouldn’t have any. He didn’t want my fish tank to be empty for a week until I could pick them up the next weekend. (The joys of working – packages are a Saturday only thing) (It was very sweet of my father.) Thus I ended up with 9 marimo- 3 bigger and 5 smaller. Given that they only grow about a 1mm a year, I am not optimistic about them growing to fill my fish tank anytime soon! They are smaller than I expected, but just as cute. And I’ve had them about a month now and not killed them.

I was going to post a picture here immediately after I got them but then I was filled with the sense that I’d jinx it if I did. I wanted to give myself some time to make a mess of it. In reality, moss balls are easy. I change the water every two weeks, turn the tank filter on occasionally, and am currently trying to find a way to keep them from flattening out without damaging them.

So, moss balls. Along with all my other plants, I can probably safely say I have now diverted from my goal of being a crazy cat lady, unable to pursue that due to time and landlord restrictions, and have instead turned my attentions to becoming a crazy plant lady….