“I haven’t even the strength to be happy, she wants to say. I can hardly even manage to be unhappy. Standing on my own two feet is my biggest project.”

I looked out the window last night and the whole world had turned white. I couldn’t help but feel excited: snow isn’t that common in the UK, at least the part I come from. I pulled my thick winter coat on over my pyjamas – a t-shirt and shorts – and pushed my feet into the nearest shoes. I must have looked a sight as I opened my door and ventured outside. I wanted some pictures though, before the snow got trampled and driven over and turned into grey sludge and ice. So there I was, inappropriately dressed, venturing out with my camera to take as many pictures as possible. I was amazed – there really is nothing like fresh snow. I was a little nervous, too, as I had a driving lesson today. Thankfully my driving lesson was OK as the roads were cleared although I was hopelessly distracted by the views as we ventured into the borders between city and countryside – the fields were white and the trees laden with snow. I wanted so badly to capture it, to send the pictures to my family, text body “SNOW!!”, childish and over excited.

So after my driving lesson I pulled on my walking boots, grabbed my camera and notably, absurdly, did not wear my scarf or gloves but settled for just a coat, a very warm coat, but nonetheless. I left the flat and started to walk, with the intention that as soon as I saw some fields I would take some pictures and go back. But it was so beautiful, and the air so crisp, and I felt so relaxed and was enjoying myself so much that I just kept going. Music playing softly on my Mp3 player, camera to hand, I just kept on walking along the main road, heading towards the country. I passed endless white fields, one with some curious horses, who sensed me even though I was a full field away from them, and stared at me and stared at me. I passed a field of sheep and a full murder of crows. (At least, I think they were crows.) Most fields were white and empty. I eventually stumbled upon a Nature Reserve I had no idea existed and therein lay a perfect winter wonderland – a forest, all the trees laden with snow and finally, a frozen over lake. It was a little thrilling, entering this place I did not know, not knowing what lay within, then walking and walking, just following the other people and their dogs with no idea where I was really going or where I was.

I turned off my music so I could listen to the birds sing.

Finally, I got a bit lost, then found my way and managed to get home OK. I had spent a few hours out, and my face and hands were numb from the cold, but it was worth it.

I also got to play some more with my new camera. That was actually one of the reasons I was so keen to get out there – I badly wanted to see what my camera could do.

The camera is my first big purchase with my salary. I was terrified buying it – so unused to spending so much at one go that I was convinced my bank card would fail. When it all went through I was quite relieved and very excited. The first time I used it was at the welsh zoo, and it took beautiful pictures, and the 18x zoom was something I had never had before and found totally amazing. Today I am even more surprised by my pictures. Look, I know a camera can only do so much to cover bad photography skills, but I think this one is particularly forgiving. My photos are so HD and sharply focused, the zoom so handy and so steady, and it coped so well with the snow. Last night it also managed to take photos in the pitch black – which is also something new to me. I am really quite pleased with it, and so glad that I made my big purchase this, instead of the fashion item I wanted to buy. At first I was disappointed at how sensible I was being, I wanted to make just one big, reckless purchase. But its better this way – it was a reckless purchase, as it may not have been the right time with all my current outgoings, and I am going to get a lot of use out of this camera. More use than any fashion item. And I am already enjoying using it so much.