Moved my fish to their new tank yesterday. Thus far, they are alive and seem to be happy. I have spotted several small snail like creatures since, sliding across the glass and on plants and ornaments, which is worrying. Apparently, snails can hitch a ride from the pet shop on live plants. I wish I knew that before I moved my fish. Do you know how hard it was to catch these fish? It was honestly stressful. They sure can swim fast. I guess when you are designed to exist at the bottom of the food chain, speed and the ability to hide yourself somewhere awkward is all you’ve got. It took at least half an hour to move five fish to a new tank right next door. I had to take out all the ornaments, filter and drain about 40% of the water, and when that failed, herd them with two nets.

There is no end to the way running an aquarium can surprise a person. That fish can. I perpetually feel like I’m doing something wrong and that’s there’s some problem to be fixed. So often, there is. All my Google terms on my phone are now fish related – what is this thing in my aquarium? Why is my fish behaving a certain way, how do fish get sick? If anything, I am developing a greater appreciation for our rivers and seas.

I spend too much time a) at the pet store and b) fretting over my fish.