I’ve spent a lot of time this weekend decluttering and organising things. Although some of my “markers of adulthood” I mentioned in the last post are definitely out of reach for me there are some I can definitely work on right now – like my savings, and buying nice furniture. And as I mentioned, I’m trying to keep the flat tidy and organised. Trying to settle in to my environment and take pride in it, and let go of a lot of stuff I don’t need because although I don’t mind clutter it can get overwhelming having too much (there’s a fine line between a little clutter and being buried alive under your stuff. I’d prefer not to cross it. ) Also, doesn’t matter how much nice furniture you have, your place is likely to still look like crap if it’s untidy.

So, cleaning. (Not savings, that’s pointless to talk about because although I’ve been improving, I have major outgoings next month which are going to ruin it all :( )

I’ve been reading Unf*ck your habitat by Rachel Hoffman and I am trying to follow her clean for short periods of time then take a good break from it rule. I used to be a marathon cleaner, but as mentioned in that book, marathon cleaning is exhausting and overwhelming. (Where marathon cleaning is basically leaving the mess until it gets too bad to ignore then grudgingly spend hours getting through it, or alternatively waiting for cleaning inspiration to hit and spending hours getting through it. With neither involving much going on between.) So I’m trying to get better about doing small amounts everyday to keep things getting out of hand, and even for my major deep cleaning this weekend I took breaks often, and I watched dramas and YouTube videos whilst organising where possible to keep things as non-monotonous as possible.

I cleaned my bedroom quite thoroughly and I’ve been trying to organise all my random papers. I have many odd bits that I’ve shoved into boxes and did my best to ignore. I’m a mild hoarder who will attach herself to anything, no matter how small or insignificant. But this reminds of this event/thing/time, but what happen if I need it in the future, I’m very good at telling myself these things. I tried to be harsh with myself this weekend. And I made good progress, though I’ve still got a long way to go. :/