“She can’t help but rehearse what she’ll say. Though she fears the rehearsal will make her appear guilty, like trying to make your face seem natural when going through passport control in Moscow or Tehran – the more you think about it, the more rictus your expression becomes. Not that she’s ever been to those places, but even on the queue at Brittany Ferries she has made a point of catching the immigration officer’s eye and smiling, so as to say, ‘You won’t find any contraband in my backpack.’ “

– Missing, Presumed, Susie Steiner

This book was trying real hard, but fell short. The mystery was lame and full of clichés. The characters were also cliché, or trying too hard not to be. There was a humour in the book (see: quote), and some beautifully written parts, but overall I didn’t particularly like it, was rolling my eyes at some parts, especially at the end, and will not be continuing the series.