Tai Wan Mei

My sister came home over the weekend. She came home on Saturday. Well, me and my dad went and picked her up from the station. She was tired and ratty and not altogether in a good mood. She was in such a bad mood that it was actually kind of amusing. We got home and she had things to do so we didn’t get to spend time together until Sunday. Woke up very early yesterday to catch the last, and early, showing of Tangled at the cinema. A 10.50 in the morning showing. There were a lot of kids there. A lot. We were probably the only 18 year old and 22 year old there. Oh well. I’ve been wanting to see tangled for ages and it didn’t let down! It was cheesy, ridiculous, over the top and utterly brilliant. Loved it. It was very beautiful (the scene with the lanterns *_*) and quite hilarious in parts (Flynn rider in general was kinda amusing as a character). After the cinema we went shopping and I somehow ended up with nearly £30 worth of tops. I reassure myself that they are all part of the basic wardrobe- simple cotton t-shirts and long shirts for layering or just to wear on its own. OK, so I didn’t really need them all and I am feeling extremely guilty at how easy I am being with my money. More and more I realise that it is nothing new though. I keep vowing to stop buying and I never do D: I do however find that I give in far easier around my sister. She has a habit of complaining about “why I’m not buying anything” which makes me feel like a spoil sport. That is why I like shopping alone- there’s no one to tell me to buy things just because.

Anyway. It was fun. I like being round my sister and it was so much easier than all the awkward social interactions at university. Later on Sunday I went with my dad to drop my sister off at Manchester Airport station so she could get the train home. We dropped her off and went to park the car, then found ourselves running all the way from Terminal 1 through the above-ground tunnels to the station to catch her before she left. I hate those tunnels. They seem to go on and on and on forever, never changing, and I have found myself sprinting down them too often. I am so hopelessly unfit. I felt like death as I struggled to keep running and not slow down. My stomach hurt, my legs ached and I was gasping for breath… I felt a little embarrassed that my dad didn’t struggle at all. My sister took one look at me and the state I was in and laughed. Clearly running for the train every day does not count as proper exercise (though that too makes me want to die. have you seen all the steps at lime street? THERE ARE MANY.) But I got to pull funny faces and make heart signs at my sister as we watched each other through the window of the train, waiting for it to depart, then wave her goodbye as the train left the station.

Actually whilst I was out shopping and running around airports I was supposed to be revising for my tests today. They were tiny multiple choice tests worth 10% with all formulas given and a revision lecture on each beforehand but I knew, I knew they would be horrible. Indeed, I found myself quite ARGGH about the whole thing. I will admit to giving up by the time I got to my second test, fuzzing the last 3 questions so I could get the 16.34 train and get home in time for supper. Yeah, I just didn’t care anymore. I hope I did OK, just OK. (and that 16.34 train? ended up being delayed so I missed my second train, had to get a later one and only got home at 6:10pm. That is kamma for you, isn’t it?)

This week I have more boring university and then on the weekend I am seeing my sister again.