“And no doubt Hera had a sweetheart somewhere who still loved her- who had not abandoned her and to whom she had expected to return. Perhaps she had not betrayed her own father to death. Perhaps she still thought the world was a place in which good things would happen and go on happening, in which a soul might be free of its own guilt and seek for something more than just the undoing of what could not be undone. “Hera,” she called, trying to keep her voice soft so that no one would be tempted to shut her up. “Hera.” There was no answer, but the whimpering stopped. “It won’t last, this. It won’t last forever.” Still there was no answer. Whatever Hera was thinking she was silent in her hood. Phaedra rode on, and did not know if she pitied her maid or envied her.”

John Dickinson, The Cup of the World

I am really enjoying reading The Cup of the World. It is so wonderfully written, so thoughtful and well paced. The language of this book is almost hypnotic, in the way it pulls you into the world and keeps you there. John dickinson has created a rich and magnificent world with incredible, flawed and real characters. I find the main character Phaedra especially wonderful. At first I hated her- she was a spoilt and entitled girl but she grew as the book went on, and she turns into such a mature and strong woman. You cannot help but realise also that she is very young for everything that happens to her to happen. I read this on the train and I find myself completly immersed, the time of my journey flying by. I cannot wait to finish this and begin The Widow and the King (although I don’t own the last in this series, so perhaps that will have to wait…)