books on shelf
I used to read a lot. My room back home is cluttered with books, and even when I came to uni I packed as many books as I could get away with. Sometimes I can easily read a book in a week, two weeks. But not much anymore. Over the past year I have barely read 10 books, if that. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy reading anymore, its just I can’t seem to concentrate anymore. At least when I was commuting to uni last year I had the benefit of having that time to read without distractions. Now there seems to be so much else to do. I have university, and I have to study and between all this it seems so much easier to do far more mindless activities- like browsing the Internet or watching dramas. Not to mention how noisy halls are, especially late at night when I want to read (I love my hall :|).  But nonetheless, I want to read more and I want to read like I used to. So I made this a goal for this year. I wrote out a list of 30 books and I’m going to read every single one this year. I know 30 books doesn’t sound a lot, but for me this is going to be a challenge. So far I have made good progress though- I recently finished The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, which was a nice quick, satisfying read and I’m left anticipating the next three books. I managed to finish this book in just under a week too- which is a testament to how good it is, or how much free time I have right now. Either way, I am left hopeful that I can do this.