Spending all my time

Todays entry will be a list because I am tired and do not feel well and therefore don’t want to think about how to link these random things together-

– About 3 weeks ago I noticed a speck of dirt on my leg. Thinking nothing of it I went to brush it off. Only to find that it was hard to the touch and embedded in my leg. Upon further inspection I realised it was a tick lodged in my leg. (Well, technically I didn’t know until afterwards when I googled it that it was a tick. I’ve never seen one before!) I panicked and tried to remove it myself, but in the end my sister had to pull it out. I think when I tried to remove it I must have squished it because a week ago the bite site became red and itchy. I was feeling fine but with Malaysia coming up so soon I went to the doctors anyway. One doctors appointment later, and a weeks worth of antibiotics that have made me feel ill, it has gotten worse and it turns out, I potentially have mild Lyme disease. D: What are the chances of that?! I now have two weeks of new, stronger antibiotics to take that will finish one day before I leave the country.

I really do not need this right now.

Also, it does not inspire confidence in me that the doctor I went to today sat for a good 5 minutes flicking through a medical manual, and then blatantly googled my symptoms in front of me. Thankfully, after googling myself I find she has given me the recommended medicine for the treatment of Lyme disease…

– I have now have two weeks to go before I leave the country. I did a test pack on Saturday and was made to realize just how little 20kgs+7kgs(main+hand luggage) is. I kept trying to pack everything and had to spend some time trying on my clothes, really  thinking about whether it was comfortable enough, suitable for hot weather, versatile etc. I gave myself the rule that if something did not match with at least three of the basic items I am definitely taking (plain camisoles, t shirts, cardigans) then it had to go. I still have too much stuff though. Before I actually physically tried to pack I thought space would be the issue but my suitcase is half empty and I struggled to pack it properly because i simple did not have enough clothing items to add padding. Packing is very stressful when its a holiday. When its for 10 months it is even worse. I just want all my things with me! But I have no weight at all. Also, it is weird packing only summer clothes for a year. Although I am glad I don’t have to mess about trying to fit in sweaters or jackets.Ah, and I have almost finished my packing list. Which is another thing I can soon strike off the list! (there is still a fairly small amount of things being crossed off the list)

– I really need to meet up with my friend and discuss what she is packing so we can ~compare~. Which even if Iam feeling not so great should be OK. However it is also her 21st birthday party this weekend. Yeah, I know.  I have to go because it is her 21st but I am wondering how on earth I will get through it.  I am praying that my new antibiotics won’t make me feel as terrible as the current ones, although it seems they may make me feel similar or worse. I am also praying that the potential Lyme disease stays potential and symptoms apart from the red ring rash don’t suddenly appear. please, please just let it heal and heal soon.

– I still haven’t finished file sorting on my computer.

– I started to scan in my university notes. There is nothing quite so dull, even with a feeder scanner to make it easy.  I also came to realize that I remember absolutely nothing from first year. I cannot C program anymore, I never got communications engineering and the little I did understand is now gone,  and most likely I’ll struggle in practical labs too. (I always struggle in practical labs, but I seem to get worse as time goes by. :/) I came to the obvious and belated realisation that actually, I am not just moving abroad in two weeks, but starting second year in two weeks too. This is terrifying in itself, without the added complications of adjusting to a new climate and new place etc. I worked up the courage to look at the modules  for next year which added to my fear. I cannot afford to fail this year but I really wonder how things will work out now. I had gotten into a comfortable routine at uni last year, but obviously I will not be able to replicate that. I struggled first year and second year can only be worse and I won’t have the support of my dad, and I’ll be coping with the change of moving, and in all honesty, I really am not looking forward to having to study again. Too much free time has made me very lazy :/