I wanted to post when I reached one yeas of no poo, but seems I missed it. It’s now been one year, and around one month since I last used shampoo! Here, have a picture of my hair. Just cropped, no effects. It’s kind of making me nervous posting a picture, because I have no idea how if it looks like it’s supposed to. If it looks you know, clean. I have even been trying to wear my hair down more, which also makes me nervous for the same reasons. I asked my best friend if it looked ok and she said it did, so hopefully the slight waxy-ness from bad water quality isn’t noticeable! Yes, it is a crappy photo. But I am a bad photographer and its pretty difficult taking a picture of the back of your own head. It took a lot of self timer abuse to get this :|

Anyway. Everything is ok with this no poo thing. Its very much so become a habit and I couldn’t imagine moving away from it. I do sometimes, when I’m reading other peoples stories, wonder why no poo couldn’t be my “miracle” re: my eczema. I read so many stories where problems like dandruff and itchy scalps were cured by taking away shampoo. But my scalp is still itchy and dry and I admit I started this thing with the hope that it would heal by stopping using shampoo, and I do feel disappointed that it hasn’t. But its not like my scalp has gotten worse. So I am OK. I know I was foolish to expect any kind of miracle cure. I’ve been dealing with eczema and other skin problems my whole life and I know that it doesn’t work that way. It’s not that easy. And really, I think my hair looks OK. And it’s in good condition. And it’s growing nicely, as I want it to. Currently I wash it with water, and use filtered water as a cold rinse after. Sometimes I use tea, or herbs, or lemon juice to get rid of waxy build-up- but not too often as my hair does not really like those things.

What I am going to be doing soon is to cut back how often I wash my hair. I’ve noticed my hair getting quite dry at the roots and I can’t help but wonder if I’m over washing it. Water can be quite drying. And I also want to cut it down to save time. So over the Easter break when I don’t have to go out too much I’m gonna see if I can transition to just once a week. I’m also thinking about using henna to dye my hair, well just to give it a bit of a gloss, perhaps lighten it a tiny bit or give it a nice red sheen I don’t know exactly how it works, but from the little I’ve read it seems quite messy and expensive and I’m not sure how my scalp will react. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair so yeah, I’ll see.

I’m not sure I’ll be posting about this thing again anytime soon. It’s been one year after all, and there’s really not much to say about it anymore.