Today was a long, tiring day. I don’t feel like writing a long post now but I will start it. I got my results today. Needless to say I was terrified and barely slept last night and had to drag myself to go see my tutor to collect them but it was with much relief and joy that I found I had passed my exams and ended up with a first. I did get lower marks for Semester 2 than Semester 1, however not so low that it dragged my average down or made me need resits. (And unsurprisingly my lowest mark was for Real Time Systems! :P) Therefore it is finally confirmed that I will be studying abroad next year in Malaysia. This has been so hard not to talk about on this blog- as so much has happened already regarding making the decision to go and starting the preparations- but I didn’t want to put any of it into words until it was confirmed I was actually going. With my results the way they are I think I can finally say I am moving to Malaysia in September and not be afraid of jinxing it. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet really, and I know that my happiness right now will soon turn to stress and anxiety as it dawns on me what I am undertaking. But when I decided to go ahead and put my application in I did so because I would rather regret going, than regret not going. That still stands.