9 ends 2 out
The description of 9 Ends 2 Out makes it seem like the most boring drama ever, but I finally got bored enough to watch it and found myself marathoning it in a matter of days. Rather than a drama about baseball as the description suggests, it’s actually a really sweet friends-to-lovers story. I loved how realistic it was, with a cast of very ordinary characters living very average lives, without any of the usual kdrama trappings such as rich chaebols, evil mother in laws and bitchy exes. I was surprised to find I didn’t hate a single character or find any of them pointless, like I usually do when I watch dramas. I appreciated that the drama took the time to develop all its characters so that they all became like able and had their place in the story. And the story was wonderful. Hyung Tae’s and Nan Hees friendship was precious and it was lovely watching their growing realization of wanting more, and understandable how they held out until the end of the drama out of the fear of losing such a friendship.

The pacing was fairly slow but rather than getting frustrated, I thought the pacing appropriate, because Hyung Tae and Nan Hee needed that time to sort out their feelings for others, and their lives. I liked the fact that Hyung Tae had a chance to get back with his ex so he could sort out his feelings for her, and how Nan Hees relationship with Jung Joo was never made less by her growing feelings for Hyung Tae. I liked that they lived apart for a while so it was clear that they weren’t just getting confused by living in close quarters. etc etc. It made the ending that much more rewarding when the drama had taken so much time to develop these characters and their lives.

Also, Soo Ae is ridiculously beautiful in this drama. I had to suspend disbelief when her character talks about growing old and getting wrinkles and looking odd next to her 22 year old boyfriend because come on, she’s gorgeous.