I’m not sure what to do about the book posts. I’m not really keeping track of what I’m reading – quite enjoying flicking from this to that as my mood changes. Although I do miss writing about them. I do try to sit down and write but I find it difficult to pull my thoughts together. I was probably a little bit over ambitious with the attempt at regular book posts – if its not already obvious, I’m not good at regular blogging.

I have been reading a lot lately though. I’ve read nearly everything from Elizabeth Haynes and loved it. She writes about mental illness in an incredibly raw, realistic way with an appreciation of how devastating it can be, and how mean to both the one suffering and those trying to help. Her firsts books are truly psychological thrillers- unsettling and creepy, delving deeps into the mind of the victim, as well as the criminal in the case of Human Remains. Her latest, Under the Silent Moon unfortunately departs from her previous books and becomes plodding police procedural. I do think though that her earliest Into the Darkest Corner was so incredible (despite the rushed, somewhat forced happy ending) that I have quite high expectations for her books, which an ordinary procedural did not meet. I tried some more Brian McGilloway (after enjoying Little Girl Lost ages ago) and continue to enjoy his very ordinary police men and women, in a genre filled with alcoholics and or/divorcees with Dark Pasts. His Inspector Develin struggles with the demands of his job and how it effects his otherwise healthy family life, his Lucy Black has a very difficult job to do, and struggles with detaching herself emotionally from her work. It’s low key but no less interesting. I’ve been delving into some classics with some Bronte – I’m currently half way into The Tenant of Wildfell hall and am surprised to find I like it – although none of the characters are particularly likeable, I do admire the story line being what it is for the time it was written. Its strange, I’m not sure I’m enjoying it, but I find it so interesting that I find myself reading on anyhow. I have Villete lined up next as well as a handful of other classics. I’ve also got some historical romances, and some general fiction and some fantasy lined up.

My current gluttony for books probably has a lot to do with my new kindle – well, my new old kindle. For my birthday my father funded me a used kindle 3. I’m kind of in love. Its small, lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use. I love the interface of the kindle without any flash- it is simple and practical and I love using buttons. (I’m not a fan of touchscreens, to be honest.) The kindle screen isn’t as large as I was expecting, but its not a bad size, and the e-ink is so much easier on the eyes than the glare of my phone screen. I’m not going to abandon physical books any time soon, but they’ve definitely been side lined as I enjoy my new gadget. Of course, I’ve ended up with way more books than I need, and in my excitement for my kindle I find myself flicking from book to book and not getting much finished at all – the aforementioned crime novels were probably the last things I managed to finish. Right now I just want read everything, anything, as long as I can do so on my kindle.