To continue with random posts that have nothing do with anything in particular. My head is a mess right now; you don’t want to go there. I don’t want to go there.

So- books. I have read and still read a lot of them. Nothing beats curling up in bed with a good book. Nothing. I think lately though I’m getting frustrated with how hard it is to find something good to read, something that you stay up until 1am because you can’t put it down despite the fact you need to get up early tomorrow, something you can’t stop thinking about, something you can read on a train and lose track of the journey so you’re surprised when you arrive at your destination. You know- good books. Really fucking amazing books. Nothing beats a good book but a bad book makes you want to scream in frustration and throw it against the nearest wall.

Lately I am struggling to find good things to read. I don’t buy a lot of books because I have no money and my library sucks but the books I do buy have disappointed me. First there was the Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead. The first and Second books were really good but the series just went downhill completely. I would have enjoyed the third and fourth books I think if the first and second hadn’t been so good. I couldn’t help but think- what happened? I didn’t manage to finish Succubus Shadows. I was excited to read Mead’s Thorn series but I think I won’t. I will however check out her Vampire Academy still. Heard a little too much about it to pass up (although right now I don’t want vampires. I want magic and alternate realms and that kind of thing. To be honest I’m a little sick of vampires atm.)

Second- I read the book Poison Study about a year ago and found it mediocre however good reviews inspired me to re-read it and pick up the rest in the series. I regretted it immensely. I don’t get why it’s recommended. Poison Study is a good idea with mediocre execution. Magic study is just annoying. Yelena wasn’t a great character in Poison Study but you could understand her. I liked Valek too, and their relationship was good. I enjoyed seeing them go from nothing to friendship to lovers. However in Magic Study Yelena becomes so annoying and the way she thinks that she knows everything and refused to listen to anyone annoys me. Also the way that she is constantly thinking about Valek? BIG FAT NO. It was so irritating. Also it just got ridiculous- the thing with her horse and all her dreams about Valek. ugh.

It’s gotten to the point I have taken to reading old favourites. First I re-read Crown Duel by Sherwood smith. Now Crown Duel is a book I highly recommend. Sherwood smith is up there with Tamora Pierce in creating amazing worlds, amazing characters and beautiful intricate plotlines. There is magic and adventure and incredible world building and characters you can’t help but fall in love with and villains with motives and hearts- 3d characters in other words, humans in extraordinary circumstance. Also this is a great book to talk about after talking about the Study series. I adore the main female Meliara for she is strong and intelligent but she knows when to admit when she is wrong, when to admit her plan is not the best plan. She knows when she is being sulky and immature; she knows her weaknesses and has the desire to change. She knows when she has done something wrong and tries her best to make it right. She is amazing. She is everything I look for in a heroine- someone flawed, with her share of angst, but intelligent and reasonable and mature. She strives forward, learning from others but never losing sight of her own self. The love story in Crown Duel is so wonderful too but it is not always at the fore front because there are things they must be doing and I love that. I love seeing all the hints, the subtle way it builds up. I love the way it isn’t shoved in my face but quietly builds up. Romance should not take priority when say, fighting a war. Crown Duel truly is amazing. I’m glad I finally get to declare my undying love for it. ♥

Currently I am re-reading a book I first read when I was about 12. I own the second and third in the series, yet for some reason not the first. I started reading it anyway because I randomly found it on my shelf and remembered enjoying it when I was 12. I’m a few chapters in and yes, it is as good as I remember. It’s a classic fantasy which is the sort I adore. There is an art to making really classic fantasy but yet at the same time creating something unique and wonderful. You know what I mean- magic and adventure and friendship and/or romance that doesn’t make you roll your eyes. There is also an art to making good characters. The main girl in the book I’m reading is quite sweet thus far. Maybe if I read the first book I would admire her more. I really do wonder wth I don’t have the first book and it really bugs me. I like having complete series!

I am not sure what I want to read next. I am thinking about putting in a small order of books but I’m wary. I don’t have lots of money and I don’t want to spend cash on crappy books- like the Study series. Then again I don’t want to use my shitty library. I might buy more Murakami books. I read Kafta on the shore and loved it; it’s a strange kind of book yet there is something enthralling about it, something that lures you in about it. I would love to read hardboiled wonderland. Maybe that is the key. Maybe I need to branch out from fantasy, maybe I’ve grown tired of the genre. Or maybe I just need to buy older books…they can be better :x

(This entry kind of ran away with me. It was supposed to be short. Well, I hope some one who reads this site loves Fantasy books as much as I do. :/ )

But despite his odd appearance Eliot had an air of effortless self possession that made Quentin urgently want to be is friend, or maybe just be him period. He was obviously one of those people who felt at home in the world- he was naturally buoyant, where Quentin felt like he had to doggy paddle constantly, exhaustingly, humiliatingly, just to get one sip of air.

Lev Grossman, The magicians.

(I love this book so much and I’ve not even halfway through. It resonates with me. There’s something incredibly realistic about the characters and their emotions despite the fantasty plot.)