T-ARA, Roly-Poly in Copacabana – I have been more than a little addicted to this song lately. When I first heard it I thought it was ridiculous and annoying and then I listened to it again and well… it grew on me. It’s stuck in my head now and I’ve grown to love the retro theme. It makes me laugh, but in a good way. It’s fun and different and kinda bold because I’ve seen these kind of moves used as gags on variety shows. Posting the copacabana version because it’s my favorite of the zillion pvs and possibly my favourite version of the song.

When Seungri came out with strong baby I had a hard time taking him seriously. Now? I think he could really pull it off. I’m suddenly finding him very attractive in his latest videos- VVIP and What to Do (and all the promotional material. Seriously, Seungri. You look so different but in a totally good way). Not to mention the pvs themselves are pretty damn good – the choreography is slick and yg really knows how to put together used concepts into something interesting and stylish. My instant love for this mini album isn’t just for looks- the mini album is really good in itself. I think What to Do is my favourite thus far, but VVIP is a lot of fun too. The only track I instantly dislike is the OUTRO ballad as I’m not a ballad fan- I’m very picky about what slow songs I listen to. Anyway I’m loading it up on my mp3 right now so i can listen to it all of tomorrow on the train. I’ve been dying for something new to listen to when commuting; listening to the same things over and over every day sucks!

T-ARA, Like the First time – Currently hooked on this song. It’s different. The song is sexy and mature without being desperate about it/throwing it in your face. I really hate the rap section though- it sounds so out of place. It also kind of takes away some of the individuality of the song and reminds me of how formulaic kpop is; even if the sound changes the basic structure is the same :| I also think the MV is dissapointing. It has nothing to with the song for one, and I hate the sort of story line is depicts for two. Still- nothing can change my love for this song- its addictive as anything. XD