Leaving for a long holiday and thus a hiatus

Things have been very hectic over the past few days as my family and I rush around trying to get organized and pack for our holiday. My dad in particular is currently getting very stressed, which is amusing but also a little scary as he’s usually a very, very calm person. Unbelievably we leave in a few hours- well we leave for the airport at 3am which isn’t that far at all. (And boy, am I not looking forward to getting up then after very little sleep…) I am currently taking a break from packing (read: finding an excuse to procrastinate). Although I am almost packed and ready.Almost. I better get back to it.

Basically, blog is on hiatus as I’ll soon be off to South Africa and Zimbabwe for a month. : )

“The moon turns its clockwork dream”

I haven’t blogged in quite a while, have I? Currently I am free of university which means I am free from the only thing that got me out the house and well, living my life. Right now I am basically sitting around at home watching lots of dramas. Thankfully this drama season is kind of brilliant. Best love, Romance Town, Drunken to Love you, Lie to me and BOSS 2 are my current lineup, as well as catching up on older dramas that I never got around to like Coffee house. I am quite sure my tolerance level for crap is significantly lowered by how bored I am but whatever. It fills time. I have a lot of time. And there is definitely such a thing as too much free time. I am becoming a zombie, mindlessly going through the motions every day. I have barely left my house in weeks. I sleep too much. I eat too much. I sit in front of the computer all day and at night I stay up until early morning reading fanfic on my phone. I am pretty much in hibernation mode until I go on holiday. This, of course, does not make for good blog material. I have a few random ideas for posts on other things like dramas and music and beauty but I feel lazy. Like, really really lazy. So I may update soon but I may not. Just wanted to let any potential readers know.

This comic made me lol and also made me think of my own cat. My cat, the cute thing that she is, has a habit of stretching out and rolling on her back and then just as you accept the invitation and reach out to stroke her tummy she attacks you. It’s actually great fun attacking her tummy then drawing back justfastenough that she misses. Other cute habits my cat has is: following me literally everywhere, getting excited whenever I open tins/pouches/packets, going crazy over ham and cheese, falling asleep on the end of my bed and snoring, chasing after anything vaguely string like (including her own tail) etc. Cats are a lot of fun, in their own lazy find-them-asleep-in-a-warm-place-most-of-the-time kind of way.


I realised that I never posted about my new phone- apart from a short friends-only little thing on Livejournal which really isn’t enough to express how awesome my new phone is and how happy I am to have it. I admit I didn’t use my old phone much because I rarely SMS anyone and I don’t call anyone. I find the latter somewhat terrifying. It’s difficult enough to speak to people face-to-face but then on the phone you can’t even see their expressions or gestures and if you pause too long to think it becomes really awkward, so I always end up blurting out things or even worse just freezing up and not saying anything at all- leaving awkward silence of doom that the other person has no choice but to fill. I find it awkward and I avoid phoning people, and I hate having to make calls (things like doctors, university etc). However I wanted a new phone as I wanted the ability to browse the web on the go, check my emails on the train, take pictures (my old phone had a camera but it was so shit it was pointless and my camera camera is broken.). I also in the rare instances that I do SMS my friends hated how I would always have to be thinking about my credit and often had to cut short nice conversations cos I knew I was running out. I wanted to go on contract so I wouldn’t have to worry about topping up all the time.

Well, I finally got it. It’s a SAMSUNG GALAXY PORTAL. It’s not the latest but it’s pretty damn cool and very reasonably priced compared to other smartphones (and the blackberry which is just ridiculously overpriced). Compared to my old phone, the SAMSUNG D500, it was quite a shock to use it at first! However I’ve had it about a week now and I’m finally getting used to it. The touch screen still confuses me but feels really nice to use, like the difference between using a tablet and using a mouse (I miss my tablet. Why did it have to break? T__T). The phone uses the android system so I can link my gmail up and check that effortlessly. Though I learned the hard way that I didn’t want to actually link my gmail up. It imports all the contacts, and you can’t log out of the email as far as I know which means anyone can access things you don’t want them too- from paypal, ebay etc. I realised too late I wanted to keep my gmail separate from my phone and was forced to format my phone. Then I created another email address which is now my phone address. I set up forwarding so that personal emails from my friend, sister and father would go to my phone. It works rather well now. I can also send pictures to twitter- which is fun! And of course I can sit on the train using the web (if I can get reception _). The screen is really nice so websites look great on it. It’s somewhat difficult to browse using the touchscreen but not impossible, I’m just a rookie when it comes to Touchscreen XD The other day I was reading fic on dreamwidth on the train which was a brilliant way to pass time and more portable than lugging a book around (It’s a shame it can’t read PDF otherwise I could read ebooks on the go). I can also use twitter on the go! Though I am careful not too use it too much; I want to keep the boundaries between online life and IRL. I can also take good quality pictures whenever I want, though it is very slow to focus.

I am petrified of breaking it or losing it however I am more than happy with my phone. : )