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DBSK balloons (2006!!). They look so young and adorable. :D And this pv is just ridiculous, wierd, random and totally bipolar. I love it, makes me smile. ♥♥♥ I wish idols still did ridiculous crap like this.

This is such a beautful song. I find the DBSK version nice, but Jaejoong’s version is so much more meloncholy, so much more tender. I’ve been listening to a lot of DBSK ballads tonight, because it’s soothing and I’m trying desperatly to calm myself, distract myself, stop worrying and getting worked up over nothing.

I’m tired. It’s not the tiredness that comes about from lack of sleep, or doing too much. It’s more the mental exhaustion that drains you of energy to do anything. It’s the build up of little annoyances, too many worries, too much anger, too much emotion in general. I’m sick of this week. It’s funny too how active the mind becomes when the body just wants to stop. I can’t sleep, I know I am sleepy but my mind won’t turn off. I find myself thinking of the most ridiculous, inane things. Making random crap up, manipulating reality because I’m so bored, lying awake for too long.

School isn’t going well, and people annoy me too easily. I feel useless, annoyed and angry.

Good things would be the fact my dad bought me Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tonight for the first time ever, and it’s like heaven in a tub. The ultimate in binging food I would say and somehow I can see myself getting addicted (even though it’s ridiculously expensive to have often). Also my sister phoned and we talked about nothing for 30 minutes but still, it’s nice to hear from her. Other good things that it is at least Friday tomorrow and then it’s the weekend, and I can take a break and try and pick myself up, eat too much junk, do too little, sleep too much and hopefully feel better for it.

It’s OK, everything will work out. (I hope)

But despite his odd appearance Eliot had an air of effortless self possession that made Quentin urgently want to be is friend, or maybe just be him period. He was obviously one of those people who felt at home in the world- he was naturally buoyant, where Quentin felt like he had to doggy paddle constantly, exhaustingly, humiliatingly, just to get one sip of air.

Lev Grossman, The magicians.

(I love this book so much and I’ve not even halfway through. It resonates with me. There’s something incredibly realistic about the characters and their emotions despite the fantasty plot.)