When Seungri came out with strong baby I had a hard time taking him seriously. Now? I think he could really pull it off. I’m suddenly finding him very attractive in his latest videos- VVIP and What to Do (and all the promotional material. Seriously, Seungri. You look so different but in a totally good way). Not to mention the pvs themselves are pretty damn good – the choreography is slick and yg really knows how to put together used concepts into something interesting and stylish. My instant love for this mini album isn’t just for looks- the mini album is really good in itself. I think What to Do is my favourite thus far, but VVIP is a lot of fun too. The only track I instantly dislike is the OUTRO ballad as I’m not a ballad fan- I’m very picky about what slow songs I listen to. Anyway I’m loading it up on my mp3 right now so i can listen to it all of tomorrow on the train. I’ve been dying for something new to listen to when commuting; listening to the same things over and over every day sucks!